About Us

Designers Gallery lets you shop the world’s best local boutiques online. In the past, if you lived in Delhi and wanted to shop a small boutique in Jaipur or Kolkata or even Mumbai, you had to buy a plane ticket. They simply weren’t online, and if they were, there was no way to find example essay about friendship topics for impromptu speechesthem. We’ve brought them online — and created a destination that connects savvy shoppers with thousands of handpicked boutiques across the globe.


Our Mission

At Designers Gallery, we have two primary goals: First, we want to enable customers to buy one-of-a-kind merchandise that they can’t find anywhere else. Secondly, we want to provide small businesses with digital solutions that allow them to compete on a global scale. As a shopper, you can discover products according to traditional shopping categories as well as by neighborhood and even by store. As a boutique, being a part of a Designers Gallery you have a access to millions of customers as well as a multitude of customizable tools, such as web hosting, email marketing, and inventory management.